Junkie Juice Vape

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High VG Production Flavor Profiles:

Hype - Cereal Trifecta (Fruity Pebbles,Fruit Loops,Capt Crunch)
Imagine combining all your favorite cereals into one! Then adding creamy milk at the end! Will not disappoint!

Faith - Starburst Yogurt Parfait (Starburst/Granola/Yogurt Cream)
Starburst Candy with Granola crumbs, Mix it all in with a Yogurt Cream base.
You have one refreshing vape that touches all palettes.

Production Flavor Profiles:

Nitrous - Candy Trifecta! of Skittles/Starburst/LaffyTaffy 

Nitrous is a extremely complex flavor which gives you a different flavor hit each inhale. Tart Sour in one inhale and within the next intake you get a rush of fruits that makes you want more! Taking that 3rd Inhale and WHAT? Berries this time?!?

W.T.M - A True Watermelon Jolly Rancher Candy

Our favorite candy growing up. Juicy and sometimes a little spicy at times. This is a one all-day vape you cant get enough of.

Trance - Raspberry Inhale Peach Midtone Black Tea Finish!

Junkie's first 3 stage full bodied flavor. On inhale receives a vibrant raspberry tart taste, There will be a slight notice of peaches within a few secs of inhale and finally at the exhale we are left a black tea aftertaste.

Heaven - Sweet Melon Blend

Junkie Juice Original that's back! We combined 3 types of Melons and sweeten them up to a perfect vape that feels heavenly!

Bliss - POG
Ripe Passionfruit is combined with 2 secret ingredients to create a sweet yet refreshing vape. This flavor tastes like the Hawaiian Sun Drink POG! We added sweet guavas at the end to meet you on your exhale.